C/Sierra Perenxiza, 10b

46960 Aldaia (Valencia) ESPAŅA

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CHAPAS SELECTAS S.L.  as lovers of the wood we try  at  every moment to give  wood the required attention at point in time be it natural  or like a patrimony we are  supposed to care for.

We import, export and cut original woods of diverse countries. We value in our buy transact the respect of standards established for exploit of the forest masses.

Chapas Selectas S.L.  has been certified as an authorized supplier of FSC Products in Accordance with the sustained forestry management quality standards.

We can  Offer veneers from different species that  are certified as  being produced through a process of correct sustainable management and qualified conservation.

C/ Sierra Perenxiza, 10b · 46960 Aldaia (Valencia) ESPAÑA

Tel. 0034 96150 8179
Fax: 0034 96198 8488