C/Sierra Perenxiza, 10b

46960 Aldaia (Valencia) ESPAŅA

Tel. 0034 96150 8179 · Fax: 0034 96198 8488

... the client is our care

Chapas Selectas is  a  company   run  by  professionals  with  a 4  generation experience in the  veneer sector, destined for  Veneer, Wood and  Furniture Sector.

We are more  specialised in high quality  veneer of a wide range  of designs , the more reason why we have a wide range of species at our  disposition, much more than a few companies in our domain in the world  could  have.

Our missions is  to  supply quality  products to  Furniture manufacturers, design and decoration sector in a way that our clients  would be satisfied with  the attention, service and  availability.

C/ Sierra Perenxiza, 10b · 46960 Aldaia (Valencia) ESPAÑA

Tel. 0034 96150 8179
Fax: 0034 96198 8488